Seine Miyazaki is a 15(?) year old girl who is immortal. She has greenish hair, yellow eyes, and currently attends a high school in a beachtown. She loves(and i mean LOVES ) a man named Simon who is her "foster" father. I put it in quotes because he's not actually her REAL father. She has been bouncing from family to family until she met him. Apparently, she was born in America and moved to Japan. Why? To battle mermaids. Ok, she got this black snake named Aion from these gods(they look human)and Aion lives in her chest(sounds gross but it actually looks like a tattoo). So a loooong time ago(Seine has been alive about 3,000 years?i think)mermaids killed her father, Simon. Seine was about 14 around that time, and they ate him, in front of her very eyes. Since then, Seine has started to get revenge on the mermaids. Well.....I don't want to spoil it for you, so get out and read the book, hope you find this helpful!
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